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Wandering Through Purgatory Group Challenge #1

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Wandering Through Purgatory Group Challenge #1


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    As it turns out, the last person on the list doesn’t actually watchSupernatural, so they’re not participating. Still,...
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    Dean falls heavily to the ground, and for a few terrifying moments he can’t see a thing. But he hears the familiar sound...
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    “Hello, Castiel,” Balthazar hisses. “Come to slay me a second time?” "No,” Castiel replies somberly. “I don’t want to...
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    Cas says nothing. Balthazar continues to move towards them, pouring off smoke. He might be more smoke than body now. The...
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    Dean can feel Cas tense beside him. Balthazar, or the thing that used to be Balthazar, edges ever closer and Dean fights...
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    "No, we don’t," Castiel answers gently. "We were trapped. Can you-" He’s interrupted by ugly laughter, gurgling through...
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    The smell is what hits Dean first, the stench suddenly amplified as soon as the creature opens it’s mouth to speak. He’d...
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    "Oh, friend of yours?" "Perhaps," Cas says, moving in front of Dean, eyes on the angel. He tenses his shoulders, a...
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    "Cas, where the hell were you and what the fuck is that?" Dean spat in one rapid stream. "Dean, we aren’t safe here,"...
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